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Cloud Eleven

Garden Of Obscure Delights: A Retrospective (1996-2015)


Starting their career as Jiffipop, Cloud Eleven emerged in the mid-to-late ‘90s Los Angeles pop scene, and have been making music now for more than two decades.


Cloud Eleven’s music has been defined as psych pop, indie rock, DIY, bedroom pop, low-fi and often, power pop. The band is most akin to contemporary acts such as Matthew Sweet, Teenage Fanclub and Fountains Of Wayne, but songwriter Rick Gallego’s main influences go back to his childhood heroes: The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Todd Rundgren.


Signed to the legendary L.A. label Del-Fi Records (Ritchie Valens, Bobby Fuller Four) in 1999, Cloud Eleven’s eponymous debut went on to garner ecstatic reviews worldwide, and ended up on many top ten lists that year.


Guest musicians over the years include long-running co-member, drummer Nelson Bragg (Brian Wilson Band), Greg Schroeder (Starbelly), Zane Drake, Probyn Gregory (Brian Wilson Band), Morley Bartnoff, Seth Swirsky (The Red Button), Steve Stanley, and other fine musicians.


For most indie level artists, it’s not that uncommon to wallow in obscurity in the eyes of the general music-buying public, but with Garden Of Obscure Delights, Cloud Eleven hopes to find a new audience…and possibly shed some of their obscurity status once and for all.


Now available at Amazon, iTunes, and other fine retail outlets.


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